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we need to think of nicknames for the new mons, i have a few (like mecha ttar for iron thorns and val for valiant) but not many beyond that
The Dragon-Ice pseudo legendary seems like Godzilla
just been looking at items and theres some really cool shit

Mitigates serene grace/para/burns


Clear body as an item, bigger impact than it would seem

Could work on sturdies

Cool concept, idk what it would be helpful for

No idea what this would be used for, but would defo have a niche


Breloom fans going crazy

Cinderace only getting better for no reason

loses nothing notable, gets 130 bp attack, np and taunt

Rip komala, maybe rip krook but gunk shot

Wsg @steels

Rip bro, still clicks grass moves but this is a terrible nerf

This is a kinda big improvement holy

Idk why they needed this but here we are


That is all

Edit: i'm probably wrong but the bumass proton legacy fusion evolutions whatever they are seem like rough japanese translations, idt they will be the final names and if they are that would be really annoying lol


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(not ordered within tiers btw)
Tera is obviously being banned as soon as the tier drops I don't want to hear about that mechanic so I obviously didn't count it for the VR I made.
going over the obvious soon to be banned mons and over the obvious S tier Magearna, I don't really see anyone on the same level as Greninja in terms of viability. It is incredibly strong in bulkier metas like SM and ORAS but in SV where the overall power is lower the specs set is gonna hit like a nuke, with still incredible coverage even without hidden powers. Sub Petaya and Physical sets will of course exist but I think one set that it'll probably show is Choice Scarf, to beat mons like Dragapult and Meowscarada who are naturally faster, but also other scarfers.

i put missy-p kinda high honestly because it really just looks like nutty fairy type spectrier and Paradox pokemon are obviously gonna be pushed one tier over due to their ability and the existence of the item that procs their ability on switchin (which obviously means for the entire game in 1v1), meaning that all the paradox mons will be able to run the equivalent of a choice item without being choicelocked (which is insane). That said I still think there's other mons that are as viable if not more, Dragapult's speed will be essential in this faster stronger metagame, Urshifu seems to have a generally good MU vs other broken ass mons and you have a bunch of fairies being good with what seems to be a Dark-type centered metagame.
New additions like Meowscarada Chi-Yu Gimmighoul and Chien-Pao seem quite strong but there's a few sleepers coming from Hisui that may shake the game up. Hisuian Goodra is a fucking monster steel dragon and have you seen that bulk. Enamorus both Incarnate and Therian have quite good stats and the oh so broken fairy typing, with incarnate specifically having contrary although it does not seem like he can abuse it in any way. hisuian thugg and kleavor also seem to be somewhat decent. Big thing are also returning mons that weren't here for SM: Hoopa-U, Meloetta, Slaking, Jumpluff, Vivillon, Donphan and maybe Breloom all can prove quite interesting.
We lost a few mons like Sawk (NOOOOO) Togekiss and Jirachi (HOLY SHITTTTT) but overall I'm hype for the new guys to see if they're actually epic or suck big donkey nuts.

I think this is a good sum up you could share with anyone who hasn't been up to date with leaks but wants to see what's coming. ok bye
raise azu to b and move regular ttar up to C+/B-
edit: tinkaton calcs are so bad oml

252+ Atk Mawile Play Rough vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Haxorus: 246-290 (83.6 - 98.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO - scarf tinkaton
252+ Atk Mawile Rock Slide vs. 248 HP / 16 Def Volcarona: 348-412 (93.2 - 110.4%) -- 56.3% chance to OHKO - scarf tinkaton
252+ Atk Choice Band Haxorus Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Mawile: 368-434 (98.3 - 116%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO - non scarf tinkaton
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Smely socks did not ping me for this thread but let me give thoughts on a few mons

Protean/Libero: most people are overrating greninja. I see it being good but not top 3. Same with Meowscarada. STAB giga is very good with good speed. It can hit as hard as a snorlax. But I feel like if it will be the only good set due to sub seed not having any bulk and people will find counterplay like a bunch of sweaty nerds y’all are. Cinderace only really needs one type change to thrive so prolly banned

Paradox Mons: Some will be good. Some will be ass. I’ll leave it at that

Landorus: This thing gets nasty plot and can live one hit most of the time

Enamorus: I didn’t play legends, idk it’s movset but it’s fairy legendary so it’s auto good

That one with the hammer: idk it’s stats. Might be good, might be balls, zio is hyping this thing up way too much

idk if you guys know this but some of these mons won’t be in the meta even until 2023 so these tierlist are technically objectively inaccurate.

Taking a break from rps was one of the best things I did to prevent myself from becoming mentally insane. If gen 9 isn’t total aids I’ll play it quite a lot


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Few Thoughts
Cetitan: I am as surprised as everybody else that this thing has usable stats, might work.
Klawf: A rock crab has no right to be base 75 speed, but no sturdy means it's probably bad :(
Skreledirge: There are too many fire ghosts but I like this guy. Gets encore and Blast Burn. Prim 2
Baxcalibur when i show it a mon with the same typing that is faster, bulkier, more versatile, and has 60 more BST .-.
Scream Tail and Flutter Mane: Evil mons! Ban!
Roaring Moon: He might be strong. Might not be.
Iron Hands: This guy's the goat i am very excited to use
Iron Thorns: They really took everything from this guy to make him 11 points faster. Was it worth it? (No)
Iron Treads: Broken fairy types are too broken for him to handle I fear
Ting-Lu: Stats remind me of my dude glastrier. Don't think it will get all the broken coverage though
I wonder how many paradox mons will be banned before we decide to look at the booster energy :blobthinking:

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